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I am starting a new blog called lukes entomology discovories!



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The endthey had flown out of the volcano and had easily destroyed k.p’s ship. color had flown back into their world and they were all very happy.



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New blog!?

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I might be able to start a new blog! It will be about Entimology!bugs1

I LOVE bugs!

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the erupting volcanoThe golden dragon was now obviously on their side! This was a great acomplitiment for them to have succeded in getting the golden dragon on their side. ” 123!” they said and jumped onto his back and flew out of the volcano at amazing speed. they flew out of the planet, and on to the enemy cruiser to attack with their secret weapon, the golden dragon. They were very sure they could win this battle aganst the enemy, king powers. he was the one who wanted to take over the gallaxy and rule it for eternity. He was very evil to them. they didnt want their home planets to be blown up into bits because of him.

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the golden dragon

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Super luke and Xtreme boy jumped into an abandoned mine kart. It started moving “AAAUGH!!!” they yelled as they went down the track.escaping the golden dragon

The Golden Dragon started shooting fire balls at them, blowing up pieces of the track. They had to watch out for him and try to get to him at the same time. So Xtreme boy threw some more bombs at the dragon. It went tumbling into the lava but rose again. The golden dragon shot a huge fireball in front of the mine kart. A huge hole was blasted in the track, lava, sparks and fire were blasting everywhere destroying, exploding, and crackling all three, Super Luke, Xtreme Boy, and the Golden dragon were scared! The volcano was seriously erupting!

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the great  volcano of metartthey entered the volcano. “whoa!”

It was huge! It made it even more believable that a dragon could live inside it. Just then there was a huge explosion underneath them and they went tumbling into the lava were they died.

Just kidding! of course they didn’t die but they did fall and got pretty close to the lava. then Xtreme boy called, “I found a tunnel come on!” So they went in to investigate, then they heard a rumbling. The golden dragon burst out of the lava breathing flaming blue fire. then they heard another rumble the volcano was erupting!

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The volcano

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Super luke and Xtreme boy had started hiking the highest volcano a day back. They were halfway up. “So.” said an exaughsted Super luke. “Where is this golden dragon we’re looking for anyway?”  “right in the center of the volcano.” said Xtreme boy “so to be exact right underneath where your standing. so they got out ther dynamite and blasted a hole to go through into the volcano. The golden dragon was their only hope of defending the gallaxy. so they wandered into the volcano both worried, exited and hopeful. So they continued into the volcano and hopefuly, the golden dragons lair.

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Super luke and Xtreme boy dived underneath their ships. the K.P one man imperial spaceships had not yet noticed them. “we are now heading for metart. ” said their robot computer greatwing. Metart was a small dwarf planet. It was very hot there and the birth place of  Xtreme boy. It had a large volcano and legend said, that in the volcano was a huge golden dragon that was nearly invincible. So thats what Super luke was after. Although Xtreme boy had more hope that the plan would work. He was the one who believed that the golden dragon actually existed. They were going to use the dragon to win the war. It was their only hope of survival. They hope the dragon exists. because if it does not, their in trouble.

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space wars: shocked!

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As they started stretching  and yawning, It started getting very hot. They started smelling smoke. Xtreme boy was used to it since he lived on a very hot planet but super luke was not.They got very suspishous and started looking around the cruiser for the source. “Hey, maybe the engine is…” xtreme boy said. ” OH NO!” If the smoke was coming through the engine it could explode at any second! The went to the cruisers spaceport, grabbed their ship, and flew away safely. Their cruiser exploded behind them. then they noticed many other ships alongside them. ” Its a good thing they survived to.” said Super luke. “Maybe it is’nt.” said Xtreme boy looking worried as he saw the K.p  on the side of the ship.

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space warsI: Escape!

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They zoomed room through room trying to escape. “look!” Said super luke ” An escape hatch!” They Zoomed up the escape hatch And started speeding up to the K.L  cruiser. The K.p cruiser behind them blew up. ‘Well, Thats taken care  of.”  said Xtreme Boy.Xtreme boy“Now it looks like things are going back to normal!” said super luke. But he could never be more wrong in his life.

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Space wars l: Battle of the k.p cruiser

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“Ugh!” super luke said “what’s that sound?” the rumbling had past but now their was a eery schreeching going on and on. The sound stopped. Super luke and  Xtreme boy got up and left the room, only to find, a strange chicken. It farted. “Oh.” said Xtreme boy. “‘That can’t be it!” said super luke. so they went into the next room…

Only to find the ship sliced turning that room into space witch led to K.P cruiser! Super luke and xtreme boy jumped down, down, down, slowly, slowly, slowly onto K.P cruiser. K.P stands for king power. That is the main bad guys name. Xtreme boy brought out his lazer stick and made a hole for them to jump down into. they were in the grand hall.They went through to the next room. The engine room just where they needed to be. super luke  raized  his gun and blasted all the cameras down. Just then a team of K.P agents marched in with K.P In the front. “Raise the shields!” said k.P So they did. K.P had not noticed all the cameras. “You have better aim then me, throw this bomb at the engine.” Said Xtreme boy. So super luke aimed. 3, he thought,2,1. He threw the bomb and got a derect hit. they jumped on a speeder and started escaping the cruiser.

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To be continued…

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space wars l

Ok, so right now Xtreme boy and super luke are in this huge cruiser preparing to

beat up some creepy lightning dudes that are trying to make the gallaxy be filled with

lightning. “uh oh!” they say when they hear a rumbling underneath them…

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super luke: chapter four

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super Isabel, DPD, Seaweed, and super sylvia popped out of mama meteor five minutes after Xtreme boy and super luke left. “I wonder who put that fire out.”said Seaweed, who was in a fish tank they had built for  him. They went out of the meateor and went…

Right into the path of a huge baba!

luke's scan

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It Seems As Though You Did Not Get that Last Post…

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I noticed that in one post you think you are still guessing who a charachter is still on one of my recent posts. Its MAMA MEATEOR. I wrote it in big letters just like on that post. Pay close attention to the stuff that I write.

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For our easter we went to church at 9:00AM. Then we came home and watched a veggie tales movie about king george and the ducky. At our easter egg hunt there were 42 eggs. They had M&M’s Inside, some had little notes. The other day we had put little easter baskets by our rooms wich the easter bunny filled with:

Peeps,a jump rope, bubbles, and,thats it!

This Easter did not feel like a lazy sunday since we were playing outside so much! There was also lots of peeps and the eggs that we found in a big basket. Dad and I read books outside alot to.



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I like…

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I have been trying to learn the states, capitals, and stuff. I know all the states names and where they are, and I know quite a few capitals. One time I had a scary dream about the states! But I just thought it was silly. I kind of like some subjects in school, like typing and i’m starting to like math more. I like to play outside to. one time I found a praying mantis! That is one of the reasons I like to play outside: I make discoveries. I am starting to dig a big hole outside. I like warm weather the best. If you have any quesitons at all about ANY of my blog posts, go ahead and ask them right away!baby-xtreme-boybaby-super-lukebaby-super-isabel

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super luke:chapter3

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The next day they heard a loud crash. At first they did not notice that smoke was rising from where the sound of the crash came from. Once Super Luke saw the smoke though, he started yelling, “Fire! Fire! get water!” So they ran toward the fire and filled pails up with water. They put out the flames fast. Then, guess who they met. (you may put your guess in a comment.)


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sorry, I am busy.

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I am sorry if I have been taking a long time to get new posts for this site. I am so busy now with a bunch of classes and stuff. Here is a big, long, list that will show you what our classes are.

Monday: dance  10:00 AM

Tuesday: Science 1:00 PM piano 4:0oPM Art (Maybe here or maybe Wednesday.)

Oh, lets just skip all the rest, I’m getting tired of  doing that! 🙂

Sorry 😦

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Cold expierements

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I have been freezing things in my freezer, I have freezed toys and even made ice sculpters of shapes. Here is a picture of me hacking open a coke can to get the ice shape out of it. Cool! Get it? I used to freeze a little statue of buduh In the freezer a lot too! But that was a long time ago and now I am doing some bigger expierements than that. Ooh! a quarter to the high right!005

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Super luke: chapter two

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They jumped back a bit, raising their weapons high. Xtreme boy told super Luke,”Don’t you think this one’s just a little bit tiny?” The Chwomp was, quite small. Xtreme Boy got a little nearer. so did super luke. But they had misjudjed the little chwomp. It lunged out as far as it could and bit Xtreme Boy’s stomach. It started chomping at him and not letting him get away.Then, Super Luke ran in with his spear and cut it,s head of. “Thank you!” said Xtreme Boy, out of breath.They went back home. when Xtreme boy looked at where it had hit him, it was not serious. The baba was a weaker one than most. After lunch, (Wich was baba nuts, fruit and leaves,) They went around the forest making a map of it. They had to be carefull this time because of the baba accident. They finished their big day before 9PM. They fell asleep right when they got in bed.

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super luke: Chapter one

03/05/2009 at 4:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Xtreme boy looked around him. He and super luke had left the rest of their friends and decided to live in the forest where the weather was always just right for them. Xtreme boy always said that he would rather live in the desert. But that was just because he was used to extreme warmth, like a volcano. They had just started making a fire and going to bed in the treehouse they had built. “What are our plans for tomorow?” asked super luke. “Making weapons for defense, going farther into the forest and make a map of it, then chores and play.” Super luke said, “Ok! that sounds pretty fun!” so they went to sleep for their day in the morning. When super luke woke up, their was a strange nut on the table. “Whats this?” asked super luke. “A Chwomp nut. I tried to eat it, and it’s definitely edible. Their is some yummy goo inside as well. I,ve brought three others to!” When super luke tried the nut, it was just delicious, the nut tasted like peanuts and the goo tasted like frosting for a cake. “We better get going if we want to be out there for a long time.” said super luke. “But first lets make the stuff first.” he said. Xtreme boy made a wooden sword and super luke made a wooden spear with a sharp rock as the point. Xtreme boys sword also had a rock blade. “This will also help us when were hunting.” Xtreme boy told super luke. They marched out for the forest. The forest had a sort of mist air. It was very cool. Their were lots of plants. the trees were very high. It was, a beaitiful day for exploring and feeling the air. then, they heard a sound like a rattle and a slither at the exact same time. All of a sudden, a vicious chwomp rose out of the ground.

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The next story

03/04/2009 at 1:48 am (Uncategorized)

Soon we will read our next story! If you were wondering what was going to happen next, This next story will be the answer, it is what happens next! I hope you like my next story. Oh, and I will not be doing the book one and two and so on thing anymore. Now I have titles! If you don’t like the next book when you read it, You may just not want to come here after quite a while. But maybe you will like the next book after that one. Have fun when you read the next book!s41828ca109024_11

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chapter19 book1

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”Oh-no!” Said super luke and Xtreme boy together. The device started making a sound, it got louder and louder and then stopped. Everything turned white. then things went back to normal again. They  looked at themselfes and eachother. They were no longer babies, they were kids. They looked like this.

super Luke and super Isabel


Xtreme boy


king power (K.P)



seaweedThey had gone through a time machine. When they came out, they had changed.It  was a big adventure.



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chapter18 book1

02/27/2009 at 10:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Baby super luke slowly woke up and joined Xtreme boy. ”You distract K.P”  Xtreme boy ordered.so Super luke distracted K.P by running around taunting him. Xtreme boy shot a fireball right into his stomach. ”OW!” he yelled and aimed for Xtreme boy. So Super luke and Xtreme boy switched places. They did this until K.P got very tired. You win he said and hopped into a very strange device. ”We won’t fall for it!” they said together and without thinking, hopped into the device. super luke Brought the rest of their team as well.  They shut the door behind them. But K.P got in with them.the-time-machine

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chapter17 book1

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”Uh-oh!” said super luke. ”Only four of us are left! ” so they avoided the lazers as best as they could while thinking up a plan to help them deafeat K.P. Hmmm… thought super luke . Maybe we can make him shoot into something important which can hurt him instead of us! But I can’t see anything here that will do the trick for that… could we make something for that? So super luke told Xtreme boy about his plan. ”Like it? he asked. ”yes!” said Xtreme boy. Soon, They found a piece of rubber. Super luke stopped running and held out the piece of rubber. K.P zapped his hardest blow, but it not only hit K.P, it also hit super luke wich sent him slamming into super isabel and super sylvia. Xtreme boy was the last remaining. ”To easy!” he said. Xtreme boy saw now that he had to fight. Xtreme boy shot many fire balls but K.P zapped all of them. This was going to be very, very, hard. Even harder then he thought. His plan needed two peapole to work. Now K.P was weaker because of the attack  and could only shot one side at a time. Maybe if he had two peeapole one could destract KP and the other could attack. He just had to fight by himself.

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The death eyes

02/21/2009 at 5:15 pm (Uncategorized)


K.P deafeats dr. poopy diaper

Study this picture. see Dr. poopy diapers eye’s? They are x’s beacuse he has been defeated. Any charachter that gets deafeated in super luke stories will have those eyes. See k.p’s eyes? His are actually triangles!  those are pretty much just powerful guy eyes. If you see anything else weird  in this picture tell me in a comment.

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chapter16 book1

02/21/2009 at 4:42 pm (Uncategorized)

They slowly opened the door. Inside was… Baby king power! They slowly stepped inside. They were very scared. ” YA-HA-HA !!!” screamed baby k.p as he  shot lightning everywhere, zapping dr. poopy diaper. Seawee fell out of his glass and into the water underneath K.P. Then he had a idea! He could leap up and bite K.P. So he jumped out of the water, bit K.P’s nose and stayed there. K.p screeched and threw Seawee at the wall. ”Two down.” He whispered.kp-attaks-dr-poopy-diaper

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chapter15 book1

02/17/2009 at 4:09 pm (Uncategorized)

They cautiously stepped down the stairs to the next section of the tunnel. They were careful about traps that might be set up somewhere. They were also careful about ninjas. They noticed that the floor was very wet and slippery with water and slime. ”I wonder who made the slime. ” said super luke. They marched through the long hall of slime until they got to a door. baby super isabel opened the door. Inside was a … giant slug? ”So that’s what made the slime!” said super luke. ”He looks yummy!” said seawea, who ate slugs. So seawea got to eat it for dinner. ”Lets go on!” said xtreme boy. So they continued deeper into the tunnel, into a long, wet hall. They found a key laying in the muck. They decided to hold onto it for now and see what it was used for in the future. Then, they found another door and decided to see what it led to but first, they needed to think about it. there could be something dangerous in there. maybe there was an army of ninjas inside. maybe there was a dangorous creature in there. Maybe there was a huge trap in there. Maybe there was even something more scary. There was only one way to find out.giant-slug

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my dad

02/17/2009 at 1:56 am (Uncategorized)

dsc04679This is my dad.

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chapter15 book1

02/17/2009 at 1:23 am (Uncategorized)

They stood, wide eyed at the giant statue. ”uh-oh!” they whispered. ”hey look, a opening!” said xtreme boy. They ran toward the opening, but the statue blocked their way toward it. so they decided to fight back. ”CHARGE!” they yelled as they ran toward the statue swinging super power diapers, smashing the statue into pieces until it crumbeled to the ground. ”Now we can go through the opening!” said super sylvia. They looked back at the pieces of the statue that were reamaining. They could not believe they had finally defeated the statue. ”well, time to go! ” said super luke. so they went down through the steps, into the further part of baby king powers tunnel of doom. They were very curious.

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chapter14 book1

02/12/2009 at 1:16 am (Uncategorized)

They ran into the tunnel of danger chasing the ninjas. when they got inside,they could not  find them. ”I have a feeling we should go on and see the secret about that statue. I think it has some opening to the rest of the tunnel as well.” said super luke. So they went on but right when they got to the room with the statue, ninjas surrounded them. ”we’ve caught up with them!” said dr. poopy diaper. Then, right in the middle of the chaos, xtreme boy lit the ninjas pants on fire. oooow!!! Shrieked the ninjas, and they burnt up since there was no water around. Then, just as they thought they were done with there mission, the statue rose out of the ground, and started to march toword them.rock-staue

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me and my siblings

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s41828ca109024_12This is me.My favorite color is yellow.I like to play video games a lot and my favorite is super smash bros brawl.

s41828ca109024_8This is me with my sisters,Isabel, Sylvia, and Hazel. I love my sisters very much. I am glad I always have someone to play with.:)

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cute hazel

02/11/2009 at 8:36 pm (Uncategorized)

s41828ca109024_221This is my sister hazel.Isn’t she so cute? she is making many noises and is now three months old. I do funny things with her and teach her things that she must learn as a baby. She loves her dad. She also moves her arms and kicks her legs all the time.

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chapter13 book1

02/11/2009 at 8:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Then, right as the ninjas were about to jump out,xtreme boy split his bad side away.It was his dark side, his evil side, his bad side. This, was baby dark xtreme boy standing right in front of, baby xtreme boy, baby super luke, dr. poopy diaper, super sylvia, and seawea.They gaped at baby dark xtreme boy and his fellow ninjas. This was a nightmare a true nightmare there worst nightmare ever. They ran away as fast as they could. Behind them they heard baby dark xtreme laugh at them. It was a very evil laugh that they did not recognize at all as baby xtreme boys nice, funny laugh.They started slowing down and relized that the ninjas had not attacked them, they ran far away all the way to baby k.p’s tunnel of doom.The ninjas and baby dark xtreme boy were with k.p.” ATTACK” screamed dr. poopy diaper. So they ran to the tunnel of danger.ninja

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pronounce this!

02/10/2009 at 1:37 am (Uncategorized)

Try to pronounce:amfnjfn bidfnwdb kjvbnjsbhbshjbehjfbndj vnfdjhbhjcnfsvjhbb njahbfdjhvbn jhngkjnsjvgnwjhbgjhwnavwhjbvjh bevbnejh11!


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chapter12 book1

02/10/2009 at 1:27 am (Uncategorized)

They were thinking when suddenly two ninjas quickly, as fast as shadows, ran into the dark alleyway.It was now nighttime.”I need a story and a diaper change!”whined the super baby’s.Then, They peeked into the pitch black alley.”I’m scared of the dark.” whispered baby super luke.They went into the alley’s, hoping to find someone.Then, they thought they heard a diffrent person speaking in a diffrent language.They were scared, disappointed, and hoping all at the same time.It was a very strange feeling and all of them but xtreme boy was feeling it.Xtreme boy was feeling like he was going to split away his dark side, and be two peaople split right in half.The first person would be very kind,weird, and daring.The other person would be vengefull,evil,powerfull, and against his true side.It was a very strange and horrible time in the alleys of Egypt.Nobody liked what they were feeling right at this moment in egypt but the Ninjas that were hunting them down.

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02/10/2009 at 12:57 am (Uncategorized)

We should probably get back to the story soon.I feel like I am going to be late for something!we,re probably going to get to the story if you like it or not!:(:)?

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I read super awesomely fast

02/10/2009 at 12:43 am (Uncategorized)

002I am a very super awesomely fast reader. the tittle prooves it! Me and isabel are doing this thing where we have to read a certain amount of pages from books,magizines,the newspaper,and more to get a reward.I have to read 10,000 and Isabel only1,000.No fair!:( I like to read anyway though!

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chapter11 book1

02/04/2009 at 8:40 pm (Uncategorized)

There was no way to keep on going through the tunnel so super sylvia said, ”lets get back to egypt!’so they went back to egypt, frustrated. ”It was tricky to do all that for NOTHING!”screamed baby xtreme boy.”Not for nothing” said baby super luke.”We got some things done.” so they went back to egypt.when they got there everywhone was gone. they were very confused.

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chapter10 book1

01/24/2009 at 7:18 pm (Uncategorized)

Super sylvia, Super Isabel, super luke, dr.poopy diaper, seawee,and xtreme boy nervousouly entered the tunnel.Inside,there was a river.they hopped into a rowboat and started going down the stream.The stream was green and dirty.They pedaled until a wall stopped them.It was big ,but there was no sighn of king powers.”I’ll check the other side.”Sqeaked seawee.He dove into the river and swam throuh the gate.He accidentely stepped on a switch wich opened the gate so that the rowboat could go throuh.Seawea hopped back into his cup.They all went screaming into a room with a very strange looking statue.

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01/23/2009 at 12:34 am (Uncategorized)

:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)                                      I hope these make you happy!

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chapter9 book1

01/23/2009 at 12:22 am (Uncategorized)

During their walk,they found more lazers falling around them.They shot everywhere, making everywone run,screaming.Then,super sylvia came out of one of the lazers!Then,right in front of them,was baby king powers tunnel of Dangourous Danger.super-sylvia

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chapter8 book1

01/21/2009 at 5:07 pm (Uncategorized)

When dr. poopy diaper and seawee made it to Egypt,they found some more teamates.Super luke,Super isabel,and Xtreme boy!They bought some food to eat and made a fire to warm them for the night.They camped at the edge of the forest.In the morning,They hit the road to baby king powers tunnel of danger.baby-super-lukebaby-super-isabel1

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chapter7 book1

01/20/2009 at 10:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Dr.poopy diaper told seawee that he was trying to defeat baby king powers so that he would not destroy Egypt.Seawea agread to help.Dr.poopy diaper went to the surface with seawee in the cup.Then, he super farted to Egypt.

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01/19/2009 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Did you know?sylvia picks her nose.Did you know?there is a soda bottle next to me.

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chapter6 book1

01/19/2009 at 9:31 pm (Uncategorized)

After 5 more days of seaweas life,he saw a stink bubble sink down by his sea anemone.He walked strait into it without thinking twice.A hand lifted him up and put him in a cup full of water.He was glad to be back in water.He played by swiming around doing tricks.It was a game he played quite alot.The hand was dr. poopy diapers hand.A teamate at last!dr-poopy-diaper1

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our two groups… huh?

01/19/2009 at 9:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay,here are our groups.Group one,xtreme boy,super luke,and super isabel.Group…or just one guy!Seawea.We better get him a group as well!So back to the story!

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chapter4 book1

01/19/2009 at 3:11 am (Uncategorized)

They walked until they reached the gates.There,they saw many gaurds.They had their backs to the walls of Egypt.One of the gaurds spotted them and charged at them.they ran away as fast as they could.once they got through the gates they saw a figure fall from the sky right in front of them.This was super isabel!egypts-gaurd

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Chapter3 book1

01/19/2009 at 1:34 am (Uncategorized)

Once the meteore made it to the country 7 days later,xtreme boy played at the beach.After playing for 10 minutes,lazers started landing evrywhere.xtreme boy screamed and ran everywhere.Out of the last lazer came a figure,this was baby super luke!super luke fell down,laughing at xtreme boy.So xtreme boy hit him with a fireball.They got into a fight.they fought and fought until they were all tired out.they decided just to get along with eachother.They walked down to the city together.The great city of Egypt.

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Chapter2 book1

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Sea Wee was inside his egg trying to punch himself out.  When he got out he was in a burning hot oven.  Someone lifted him up and threw him to the ocean.  He didn’t know who it was but we do.  Remember?!  It was Baby Xtreme Boy.  Sea Wee fell onto the Coral Mountain and started pushing himself around.  He came to a sea anemone that no fish had decided to live in yet, and jumped inside.  It was very comfy there and he was safe too.  It was very dangerous for him to be in the ocean alone because of preditors.  Then he fell asleep.  He had had a big day.baby-sea-wee2

The next day, he came out and started trying to swim.  He shook his fin, bubbles went everywhere but he could not swim.  He shook really hard and a big bubble came out with him in it!  He started floating up and up thinking he was swimming.  The bubble popped and he fell hard into the sea anemone again.  “Ow, man!” he said.  Then, he heard a big crash and noticed a sunken ship had came down below Coral Mountain.  He jumped down to it.  He fell in a treasure chest full of gold, rubies, diamonds, emeralds and more.  He started playing around with them.  He dove into them and dove out.  He took a bath in them and pretended like one was a person.  He went to some seaweed covering the ship and chomped it.  He realized what he was good at.  He was good at chomping things.  But he had to learn how to swim or else he couldn’t get to places.  He went to the inside of the ship.  He jumped and floated to the ground.  He tried to jump twice in mid air and found out, that’s how he could pedal.  He went up to the ceiling and floated down.  He was really excited.  “Whahooo!”  he said.  He jumped, paddled, and kicked to the side.  He realized how he could swim and was very happy.  He swam back to his sea anemone and played with his bubbles.

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Chapter1 book1

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Chapter 1:  Xtreme Boy’s Created
A very long time ago…in a galaxy that will never grow near…two meteors collided into eachother.  Inside the meteor an object began forminFive hundred years later…
One warm summer day a meteor crashed in the forest of Fatberries.  An object popped out of the meteor and opened up.  A white light flashed everywhere.  A figure began forming in the white light.  The meteor started moving all by itself after the figure was done forming and zoomed off toward the city.  It went faster and faster until it was on fire again.  Then it crashed through the walls of the city and through buildings, destroying everything in its path.  There were no people in the city but it was still a bit crazy.  Everything was on fire.  Once it got through the town, it stopped.  Everything around it was burning in flames.  Baby Xtreme Boy hopped off and walked through the trail for a few hours.baby-xtreme-boy1 When he got to a town there was no one there.  He would probably have to get to a different country to get to people.  He started marching around in houses covered in vines.  He found  some gold for him to buy food with (waaaay back then they had gold instead of dollars and coins.)  He marched off into the next forest with his bag.  Then he came to the beach.  A wave splashed against him.  He ran away as fast as he could go.  He ran and ran until he came back to the meteor.  It rolled toward him and stopped right in front of him.  He jumped into it and it started rolling.  Once it got to the water it rolled right through it.  It splashed into the ocean and started going out toward the sea.  It sailed until it hit against something.  It was a deserted ship.  The meteor rolled onto the ship.  It was covered with vines and sea weed.  The ship was a mess.  The meteor started rolling and burning up the vines and sea weed.  It got everything shiny from it.  Then it went back to the water.  While baby Xtreme Boy was in it playing with everything shiny, he spotted a sparkly egg.  The egg hatched and a little creature came out of it.  Baby Xtreme Boy put it in the water where it could breathe.  He didn’t know that later in the story this would be another main character.the-mama-meteor1

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Lets get to the story!

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when are we getting to the story?Its about time…NOW!!!This story is about when our main heroes and villans get born and learn there first skills.Now lets read!

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My family

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Before we start doing our stuff,I want to say a little bit more about me.I have three sisters and no brothers.Poor me.I have a mom you just might know named sabrina.And my sisters names are,Isabel,Sylvia,and hazel.I have a dad named joey as well.Then there is me.In all there are six of us.Now you know my family.

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What we’ll be doing

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I am going to tell you what we’ll be doing  but first you must know that you can find sneak peaks for the stories coming up (you could call them prieviews too).Here is what we will be doing.I will be writing stories and puting them up here for you to read.go to sabrina school for the prieviews.There is a link there that says super luke. Go there to find the prieviews.

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